The Mountain Of Life Poem by Billy Loving

The Mountain Of Life

Rating: 4.0

As I stare at the sky
While the birds fly by
Wind blowing through the trees
A cool winter's breeze
Snow in the grass
Another vehicle begins to pass
Around and around, they go
Where they stop, I don't know
A phone rings somewhere
But no one seems to care
It rings and rings and rings
Not knowing what message it brings
A helicopter goes on it's merry way
It's just another day
A hunter's shot rings out in the distance
I wonder if they missed it
A cat comes down for food
As I sit and brood
I begin to ruminate
While my next day, I contemplate
Life death, death life
Never ending strife
Will I see tomorrow?
My life, a time I just borrow
As miniscule as an atom in the sea
All the images of the past I see
The future, I dream
As impossible as that may seem
A faith unbroken, a hope unspoken
A smile, just a token
A will as strong as steel
No matter how morose I feel
A sad time, a happy time
As the mountain, I climb
Step by step, yard by yard
Sometimes it becomes so hard
Sometimes it's really easy
No matter how weak they see me
When the end comes, It's in the Maker's hands
An obvious truth, no matter your plans
So at peace I will be
When the angels come for me

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Adeline Foster 12 December 2015

Good poem. Read mine _ Moment of Life _ Adeline

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Wes Vogler 08 December 2015

Line 3 trees/tress Very nice thanks Billy a pleasure to find your site.

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Shakil Ahmed 06 December 2015

beautifjul poem with nice images, nice flow of rhythm which adds the beauty of the poem, thanks for sharing

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