Ramona Thompson

Terrorist Riders In The Sky - Poem by Ramona Thompson

A very dark rewrite of the classic song-Ghost Riders In The Sky

Well ole Bin Laden went camel ridin' one dark and windy day
Upon an evil throne he planned as he went along his way
When all at once it came to him
Out of the stormy black sky
The perfect plan to destory those nasty hated Americans
With a flame of maddness alight in his eyes he saw
burning in the stormy skies

Aeroplanes on fire with their steel wings melting
As aboard the passengers kept right on screaming
Their bodies burnt crisp and black and their decaying breath he could feel
A bolt of sheer joy shot through him as the pieces of his horrid vision fell from the sky
For he saw America falling to its collective knees hard and he heard those monster's cries of triumph


J-J-Jihad ohhh ohh ohh
H-H-Ho-Holy War
Terrorist riders in the sky

The American's faces are gaunt skeletons, their once happy futures nothing more now then a blur
A blur on the horizon
Their shirts all soaked straight thru with the sweat of their fear
Men, woman and children's fear so very, too very overwelming
They're prayin' hard to escape this cruel fate
But it seems their god ain't heard them yet
Cause they've been doomed to ride forever in that hell up in the sky
Inside of planes snortin' fire as they ride on
Cryin' out in pain and horror

So secure in his plan ole Bin Laden is
Till he hears a new cry arise, arise in that stormy grey sky
Calling out his name
Ole Bin Laden, if you wanna change your fate
If you don't want to share ours with us
Or have one far worse
Then a..... you had better change your ways today or eternally with the devil himself as your pilot, you're gonna ride
Beggin' and pleadin' for your endless torture to end across these blood red skies

J-J-Jihad oh oh
Oh oh H-Ho-Holy War
Terrorist riders in the sky
Terrorist riders in the sky
Terrorist riders in the sky

2008 Ramona Thompson

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poem Edited: Monday, April 7, 2008

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