Test Poem by Ricky Lewis


The searing creation’s heat that consumes
It’s ashen cloud preserves the burned nerves
Collective conscious it now assumes
While the singularity above only observes
Blood written encryptions, secret held
In dishonesty the truth is veiled
Behind millions of years of lies withheld
The shepherds head speaks of the prevailed

Captured in orb like state, blue and green
Life dissipated on a doomed sphere
Marooned and destined to war and between
Rape and hate each other then fear
We’re captured in a perfect cycle

Experiment or dynasty, therein lies
The absolute negative they herald
An empire sworn to its blade denies
A figment of that which is periled
On a world defined as a test subject

Equate with an alien that watches sinful innocence
Damned for his unknown
Relate to a ghost that condemns your disbelief
That millions condone

The repeating patterns pretense
Recorded for future reference
A lost fatherhood condemns a son
for his mechanized transgression
Incendiary existence, rebirth and reduce
All that which suffers in a solar dawn can deduce
Trillions of lives away

Spearheaded conviction, a martyr beheld
Ancient eyes weep the tears of future dead
A wayward damnation flows expelled
Like a plague and mist his body surges red
Enshrined in the grace that silently befalls
Almighty power in his hands, entombed for eons
With centuries unified to each tear the world calls
Wired and conspired, the lakes become cables and neon
CPU pumping out matter on land that became circuitry
Electrified animal hide burning bright the convenience rage
Gas powered intercourse making workers and infantry
To fuel the war they’ve yet to wage

For his slumber disturbed upon word of global purge
Awoken to dismantle the threat with heavenly device
The rhythmic pulse of military movements surge
Conferences for peaceable solutions to each and every vice
But for a final time no speech can stop the ravage of the gales
As each and every arm takes their weapons and hails
The natural existence fouled forevermore as they aim their gun

The simulation is done.

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