Thank You Poem by Melissa Patty

Thank You

Thankyou for the day and night
Thankyou there's someone to squeeze me tight
Thankyou for the flowers and trees
Thankyou for the rivers and seas
Thankyou there's something to eat
Thankyou I'm able to stand on my feet
Thankyou for the animals, especially the pets
Thankyou for doctors, nurses and vets
Thankyou for the school I go
Thankyou for teaching me things I don't know
Thankyou I can run outside and play
Thankyou for the love you givee everyday
Thankyou that we get sun, rain and snow
Thankyou for keeping me healthy so I can grow
Thankyou for helping me when things are hard
Thankyou for being my lifeguard
Thankyou I can cry when I'm sad
Thankyou for calming me down when I'm mad
Thankyou that I have a roof over my head
Thankyou that m able to sleep I'm a warm cosy bed
Thankyou for giving me support all
the time
Thankyou for these words that rhyme
Thankyou for giving me a good life and for everything
Thankyou that my life has so much to bring
Thankyou for helping me with my fears
Thankyou for being my shouder to cry on and wiping my tears
Thankyou when this world was made
Thankyou that I'm not invisible so I don't fade.

Melissa Patty

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: thank you,thanksgiving
I wrote this poem when I was 14 years old. I do apologize that the word thankyou is said a lot in this poem. I'm so thankful for what I have.
Daniel Brick 25 July 2015

Never apologize for giving thanks. I think that is one of poetry's most important roles - to show gratitude. First we count our blessings, then we give thanks for them. What better way is there to live our lives than in thanksgiving? At 14 you already sensed this and there is an overflow of good will that spills over the rim of your poem. It makes me pause in the stress of the day and echo these sentiments.

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Melissa Patty 25 July 2015

That's true. It is so important to give thanks for everything you have because there's people less fortunate than you.I've been brought up to appreciate and be grateful for what I'm given.Thankyou for Reading and thankyou for your nice comment ☺

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