Remembering Things..... Poem by Melissa Patty

Remembering Things.....

Remember to say thankyou and please
Remember to get a tissue when you sneeze
Remember to keep your room tidy and clean
Remember the exciting places you have been
Remember to put the dirty clothes in the washing machine
Remember not to be nasty and mean
Remember to do your homework everyday
Remember to go outside and play
Remember to share
Remember to care
Remember manners at the dinner table
Remember to go out with your friends when able
Remember not to watch the Tv for long
Remember to know what's right and wrong
Remember to help elders and people who are I'll
Remember to pay your bill
Remember to knock the door
Remember to sweep up the floor
Remember to stop, remember to think
Remember to know your limit when you drink
Remember to have fun
Remember to exercise with a good long run
Remember to explore new things
Remember what your life brings
Remember to eat
Remember to sit on a seat
Remember to give nice big hug
Remember to straighten up the rug
Remember these things wherever you go
This is important things you need to know.

Melissa Patty

Kavana D Rajan 26 July 2016

These are the things we should remember to be good human beings. Well written. Keep writing :)

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Kelly Kurt 25 August 2015

I try to remember these things, Melissa. Thanks for sharing

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Melissa Patty 25 August 2015

Awk good to hear, awwk thankyou for reading it.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 25 August 2015

Truly, all the things mentioned are things of concern A good advice indeed Loved reading and commenting I invite you to read my poem Voice Of An Unaccomplished Soul.

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Melissa Patty 25 August 2015

Thankyou very much! Thankyou will do.

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 August 2015

Nice work with the muse of your advice to the world.

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Melissa Patty 25 August 2015


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