Thank You God Poem by Randy McClave

Thank You God

I will never get tired of saying thank you God
I will always be saying it with a smile and a nod,
And if I am ever hurt or beaten or floored
I will still say with a joy, "Thank you Lord".

When I wake up early every morning
I never wake up to a sadness and never a mourning,
I wake up with a joy which I will always applaud
Then I will always say to you, "Thank you God".

"I thank you God", for my life that I am living
"I thank you God", for my soul and for my giving,
And, I thank you God for all that I have and own
"I thank you God", as you sit upon your universal throne.

"I thank you God", for your every gift
"I thank you God", for always giving my soul and me a lift,
And when I die and only you know the time and when
I will happily say, "thank you God", once again.

"I thank you God", which I can never say enough
"I thank you God", again for my life and all my stuff,
And I thank you God for my church and my family and friends
And I thank you Lord for my soul being cleanse.

Because of you I have found true love and peace
Because of you my joy and happiness will not ever cease,
So, I will always thank you in a prayer and on my knee
Because God, you never got tired of blessing me.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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