Bri Mar

'' That Is A Terrible Transgression '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I met a poor guy the other day,
He said he was suffering terrible affray,
If I were smart I’d move out of his way,
He was in a deep depression.

I asked him politely to tell me what’s wrong,
As his pain I didn’t want to prolong,
The road to salvation doesn’t take long,
His mind was raw with aggression.

He curtly replied you do not want to know,
I said let’s talk just take it slow.
Once again he requested I go,
I knew I was making an impression.

He told me about where he used to reside,
A wonderful place which filled him with pride,
Now he say’s there’s nowhere to hide,
He was actually making a confession,

He went on to say he had had enough,
When he rebelled his treatment was rough,
He told them he was sorry but they said, that’s tough,
We’re afraid there’ll be no concession.

Despite that they said mercy would be shown,
Though your future here you have blown,
We’ve decided to give you a place of your own,
Soon you will gain accession.

He said none of his friends felt any shame,
Their reasons for eviction were let’s say lame,
For all that goes wrong now I get the blame,
My middle name is indiscretion.

From all of the Gods I suffer abuse,
Their attitude towards me is very obtuse,
Though all agree I make a great excuse,
With the righteous I’ve become an obsession.

Believe me this label does take its toll,
My life revolves around a large burning hole,
If you’ve sinned I’ll get blamed for taking your soul,
It will become my prized possession.

Accountability’s what you need to see you through,
No God or Satan to do a review,
Responsibility for your actions lies entirely with you,
That’s how to achieve progression.

For all that goes wrong God gets off scot free,
I’m the epitome of evil they’d have you agree,
All veniality they blame it on me,

‘’ That Is A Terrible Transgression ‘’

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 27, 2013

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