That Message Being Delivered Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

That Message Being Delivered

When the Creator speaks,
And those who choose to walk in faith...
Stop to meditate and concentrate,
On that message being delivered...
To be done and for free,
The presence of The Creator...
Is immediately felt.
To know inside with a focus,
Seldom to come from false prophets...
To interpret a personal message,
Felt so close without needing it defined.
Or one assisting the profit of a prophet,
Wishing more to collect a dime...
On fear to identify and kept in one's mind.

When the Creator speaks,
With 'that' message being delivered...
Those familiar know it to be divine,
And seek not to waste time in debate...
On fear mongering interpretations,
To have their faith rated...
On a scale from one to ten.
Used by those who claim to know God,
Better than the one who does a listening done.

'My Brother...
I see those with evil intentions,
Doing their best to prevent your success and progress.'

Oh yeah? ~

'Yes, yes, yes.
What you need,
Is to annoint yourself...
With this oil God has told me to make,
And have me directly deliver to you...
For a mere twenty-five dollars a month.

~Twenty...Five? A month? ~

'To ensure those demons are permanently chased away.
I see them surrounding you as we speak.'

~OH no.
Release me from their habitat.
Please don't let them drag me away.~

'No checks or credit cards.
God only accepts cash.'

~What about a payment plan?
Can I lay your oil away? ~

Let's be real about this.
You want to be saved or not?
I aint got all day for your nonsense.
I see those with suffering souls,
Needing immediate saving.'

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