Temple Jones

Rookie (06-01-1977 / Oak Park, Illinosi)

The After Life - Poem by Temple Jones

When we die our souls travel to the sky
We have seen in many movies the portrayal of heaven and hell
We seen stairs leading up into the skies
Angels wearing robes and playing golden harps
We see big pearly gates sitting on fluffy clouds
We see the gates open with an man name St. Peter holding a Golden book that has people’s names in it who has done right on Earth
That is how you get into heaven.

We even seen movies that told the life of hell
The devil in a read suit, horns coming from his head, a pitchfork and flames blazing everywhere
It’s hot 24/7,365 days of the year and no cold water to cool you off.

Have you seen in movies that had the devil’s goons carrying people off when they have done wrong?
Whether it was murder or even robbing someone
These goons made a horrible noise as they grabbed you to pull you off to hell
Your try in all your might to hold onto something because you knew that hell is a place you do not want your soul to end up

You also seen the LIGHT, heavens light that shines upon your body as your soul leaves your body
Your soul travels to heaven because you were a good person on Earth.
You have done all you can do to do right, bring lost souls to Christ, and even walk in HIS footsteps.

That afterlife I want is to go to heaven
To fly, laugh continual and play those beautiful golden harps for my Lord and Savior
To have smiles and no worries about the small stuff of the eternal life that I want to have
I want to walk on the golden road that twist and turn throughout heaven. To walk hand in hand with Elizabeth Sanders, hug James Sanders and to kiss Buddy Jones on the cheek
I want to be able to talk to my friends and families to catch up on things

I want to be able to sit in front of God and talk to HIM.
Listen to what HE is telling me and understand what HE wants me to do while in heaven
I want to laugh with JESUS and play bible baseball with the HOLY GHOST.

The afterlife I want will determine the life I lead here on Earth.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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