The Alert Coach Poem by Rohan Bendre

The Alert Coach

Ramesh and Suresh Were Good at Sports. While This was a Good Quality. They had a Negative Quality as Well. They were Ovesmart and Mischievous.
Satish Was a Simpleton Who Earned his Living As a Ballboy. He had Good Knowledge of Sports.

Satish Said to Ramesh.

' Your Excellent Performance has always Impressed me.
Can You Train Me? . '
Ramesh Always needed a Reason to play a Prank.
Ramesh Said.
' Guiding You will be like a Stain to my Name.
As Defeating Top Class Opponents has been my Claim to Fame. '
Suresh Said.
If we are Active in Giving you Training.
Defeats will be Obviously Following. '
Satish was Disappointed.
After Somedays A Sports Tournament was Organized. Ramesh and Suresh Participated in Soccer Tournament. Ramesh and Suresh's Team Advanced to the Final. Their Soccer Coach was Unwell.
Ramesh Said to Suresh.
' The Absence of Our Coach is Surely Making a Huge Difference
Do you Know any Reference Who can Come over and Make Difference. '
Suresh Said.
' The Absence of the Coach will Hardly Make any Difference in the Story
Such Obvious is Our Victory. '
Both Thought About Playing a Joke.
They Went to Satish.
They Said.
' Urgently Required is a Person Such Skilled
Aren't We in front of the Person Who is about to be filled. '
Satish Was Very Happy.
He Said.
' Your Decision has made me very Pleased.
I will Ensure my Efforts have never made you Displeased. '
The Day Arrived.
Ramesh and Suresh's Team were Leading by Two Goals. The Opponents Score Two Quick Goals to Equalize. They Scored The Third Goal and were Celebrating.
Satish Said to the Referee.
' The Celebrations needs to be Cut Short at the Quickest.
The Player was Offside When The Ball was Released
May I Urge For Second Opinion As Something has been Missed. '
The Video Proved that The Player was Ahead of the Secondlast Defender when released. The Goal was Ruled out.
Ramesh scored The Team's Third Goal as They Won the Tournament.
Both Apolgized to Satish.
' Merely Winning is not a Sportsman's Identity.
Apart from Victory Vital is Respect Towards Everyone and Treating with Equality.
By Ensuring Respect Towards Everyone
Let us Change The Story.
Happy National Sports Day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: sports,unity
Sylvia Frances Chan 25 August 2021

Very entertaining long poem approaching National Sports Day

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