Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

The Archaic Period Is Over - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

an archaic period is dark ages over
our world has turned many times
today's realities are very different

we cannot forget the realities of the present world
this our present world requires so many solutions
pollution starvation global warming issues serious

scientists will create inventions
most research will be wars wasted
on weapons of mass destruction

hidden beating about burning bush deception
will hide from public naive a startling fact
biggest mass destruction budget is American

scientists will create flawed inventions
deliberate designer faults in products
designed for profit throw away markets

earth beauty resources industralization wasted
land fills swamps rivers filled to overflowing
discarded rubbish toxic creates dead zone seas

neoliberalism dangers were past inherent
in early 1930s because any laissez-faire state
policy stifles competition as ruthless corrupt

strong devour victim weak since monopolies
cartels deadly pose a threat to freedom of competition
crushing competitors pushing up extortion prices

multinational corporations will plunder resources
destroy equality morality well-developed legal systems
enlightened capable civil rights regulatory apparatus

enlightened governments people will place
humanistic social values above gross profits
on a par with shared profits economic efficiency

neoliberalism global markets greedy CEO idiots
are choking earth lungs with their greed obsessions
heroes will not be rich or deceitful world leaders

heroes will be general public demanding change
an enlightened peaceful general public demanding change
to survive fossil fuel human race needs to change

to survive fossil fuel human race must change
to survive enlightenment human race must emerge
to survive enlightenment love peace harmony must surge

but beware past evil robber barons are still welding power

past evil robber barons still wear power crowns
evil elite still own sweat shops third world slaves
depressions wars are still profit created by bosses

bosses smiling laughing at citizens in election campaigns
neoliberals want to crush citizens with economic crisis
neoliberals seize more power with slave free trade deals

neoliberals create crisis
seize sleight of hand powers
under national security acts

wake up before suddenly birthright freedoms
are have been stolen by political robber barons
candidates feed on poverty unemployment fears

scapegoat Muslims prove racist trump cards
under divide conquer rich elite global policies
military forces detention camps enslave victims

who will earnest save care for manipulated public?

freedom writers will rise to eternal freedom causes
freedom desires are DNA coded into human psyche
freedom is will remain indomitable human destiny

most poets
will write in the present
never forgetting

most problems
solutions are born
from the past

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Topic(s) of this poem: government, life, lifestyle, politics, power, society

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Inspired by the poem 'Poets, Please Live In The Present! ' by the poet Ramesh T A.
Dedicated to the poet Ramesh T A.
Complete version of the split images 'Contemporary Spectre World Problems', 'Scientists Creating Inventing Problems Solutions Neglecting', 'Enlightened Governments Place Morality People First', 'Enlightenment Human Race Must Emerge', 'Crisis Politics Seizes Tyrant Powers', 'Divide Conquer Rich Elite Global Policies', 'Write In Present Past Wisdom', 'Realities Of The Present World', 'George W Bush: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Deception', 'Capitalist Profit Throw Away Products', 'Earth Beauty Industralization Wasted', 'Multinational Corporations Plunder Resources', 'Enlightened Governments Honour Humanistic Social Values', 'Choking Earth Lungs With Greed Obsessions', 'Beware Robber Barons Still Weld Power', 'Multinational Freetrade Corporation Deals', 'Birthright Freedoms Trump Card Fear Stolen', 'Politicians Promoting Persecution Agendas' and 'Freedom Is Will Remain Indomitable Human Destiny' by the poet Terence George Craddock.
Written in January 2016 on the 8,22,29&30.1.2016.

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