The Attack At Saki Airfield In Crimea Poem by Gert Strydom

The Attack At Saki Airfield In Crimea

Russians were terrified calling on high,
while at the Black Sea people was on the beach.
Saki Airfield came into the Ukraine's reach,
a place from where to Ukraine death did fly.

Unseen, unstoppable some missiles came by,
did Russia a lesson about man's mortality teach,
where our actions return each to each,
the severe destruction no one can deny

and Russia lied about aircraft and people lost:
where twenty five aircraft was destroyed.
Biden's fear has ATACMS kept, it was a precise hit:
two hundred wounded and sixty dead is the cost,
where Ukraine probably had Grom-2 employed
in the street cars by shrapnel was damaged by it.

From Saki planes went to bomb the Ukraine,
did civilians in cities at Russia's will strike,
where this kind of terrorism the world do dislike,
to at the lives of innocent victory to try to gain.

The Grom-2, Ukrainian build, do still remain,
a system Arabia acquired and really did like,
to ATACMS, which Biden is afraid to give, better or alike
which give the possibility Crimea to regain.

Biden thinks that against Russia it would be abused,
while by the Russians thousands do die
and somehow Ukraine manufactured its own,
'a device of Ukrainian manufacture was used, '
a missile that can up to five hundred kilometres fly,
a device that have the ability of victory shown.

[Poet's notes: According to a senior Ukrainian military official 'the explosions, were in fact part of an attack on the base.' The official said that: 'a device exclusively of Ukrainian manufacture was used, ' according to the New York Post, August 9,2022.
According to unverified reports the following happened at Saki Airfield: sixty pilots / soldiers are dead and two hundred severally wounded,
eight Su-27s, four Su--30m aircraft, six Mi-8 helicopters, five Su-24s and one Il-20 RT as well as four ammunition depots was destroyed. The Airfield had been so severally hit, that it will probably be out of service for months.
For Saudi-Arabia, in 2018, the Ukrainian Pivdenne Design Office, YuMA, Yuzhnoye Design Office, manufactured the Grom-2 tactical missile also known as Hrim-2, and probably somehow again this system have being brought into production, or the Ukraine had this weapon along with its missiles kept and stored until it was really needed. By all accounts Russia has been stunned by the attack on Saki, at the Novofedorivka military air-base.

The specifications for the Grom-2 /
Hrim-2 is:
Type: tactical ballistic missile
Warhead: 500 kg / 1100 lb
Engine: Single stage: solid propellant
Operational rage 0-500 km /0-310 ml.]

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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