Vanessa Grixti

The Axis Life And Love Rest On - Poem by Vanessa Grixti

Early February
I was grabbed by the heart
by a hand that has left an unassuming mark
dragged me into his world
so eager that I ran and led the way
only to fall to the ground
and now here I lay
looking up at the stars
constellations showing all that we are
you're looking at Pegasus
and I can't take my eyes off of Cepheus
but I am blindly hoping
that eventually they'll align
And the Greek God's will cry
because their remains are what will
make our world shine
Sometimes I see you as a tornado
of chaotic beauty
spun with excitement and bravery
I see you in puddles with rippled reflections
I start to compose
the concept of perfection
In you I see a person full of people
I see the dedicated martyr at the church steeple
I see my favourite Sunday morning
when I'm awoken by the sun and all feels right
I see my struggling Tuesday night
when sobbing is the only thing I can properly recite
And when you leave me
I will see you in paintings
in loud echoes of laughter
in cleverly worded one-liners
in analytical accuracy
and in the struggle of spontaneity
and every time someone asks me
who I am
I'll think of you
and the fact
that I never had an answer
and I still don't know
But you ended up telling me
You were inebriated
but every word you spoke
I appreciated
You said I always aim for love
but always hit it on the outside
Said I was vulnerable, sad
and that I cover myself in layers
of things that aren't truly who I am
I'm still unsure if you're a muse
or just potential emotional abuse
I will feel you in crowded rooms
in empty ones too
I'll taste you in sweet summer pastries
as my teeth numb from winter's breeze
I'll smell you in spring time
and maybe autumn
if our love survives
You've let a writer love you
so I'll kneel at your feet
with my hands cupped together
trying to lay the words on the ground
for you to read
for you to understand them
just fucking understand me
You keep asking, ‘Who are you? '
For god's sake
I'm the words you're reading through
I stay up late on nights like these
crafting these lines flawlessly
like a carpenter building houses
I aim to make this livable
to make it a shelter
to give the reader a roof
to let them trust me
and to show them I'm not just some fucking writer
who does it out of vanity
I pour myself in paragraphs
for strangers and for friends
for unappreciative lovers
and for the secrets we hide under the covers
I'm awake for the sunrise and the sunset
in hopes that my words will reconnect
and let you all know the end hasn't arrived yet
Who am I?
I'm a dreamer didn't you know?
I have mountains of faith in myself
instead of having it in the rest of the world
and I write for you and for you and for you
for the beautiful and the brave
for the cowardly and the ones
society refuses to see as worthy
You are fucking worthy
Keep reveling in the simplicity
and defeating the complexity
Your life is singular
so do humanity a favor
and spend most of it loving
spend it learning
and although we're always coming
we're also always leaving
keep breathing
hold your composure
it's not over until we say it's over
and as far as we know
storms always end
broken hearts can mend
and it's fine
if the light inside you
isn't big enough
to pour over everyone you want it to
because not even the fucking sun
can light the entire world at once

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  • Kelvin Owusu (8/30/2012 3:38:00 AM)

    this is some great work, especially the last few lines hope you keep it up, can't wait to see more of your work (Report) Reply

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