The Baited Trap Poem by Randy McClave

The Baited Trap

I am not a pet
You never take me to the vet,
Though I live in your house
And I occasionally scare your spouse.
I scamper about for food
I try never ever to be seen or rude,
So, I usually come out at night
So, deliberately I won't give no one a fright.
I am very tiny in size
But, when seeing me people jump on chairs and cries,
No person do I want to cause any harm
But, I always set off their defense alarm.
I know that I belong outside
Where I can easily salvage for food and hide,
But, I am tiny and very poor
And your house is comfortable and there is always food on the floor.
Now you seeing me causes you rage
You now set out traps and not a cage,
You bait them all with delicious tantalizing cheese
As you hope and pray it I will seize.
In a trap you could catch me and then outside let me go
Then never again me will you know,
But, now instead you hear a crack
Now I die slowly from a baited trap with a broken back.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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