: The Beauty Growing Inside Of Me: Poem by Guarded Heart

: The Beauty Growing Inside Of Me:

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I will shelter you until it is time
You, born in the image of mine
And of the one i love so well
I will care for you, i promise i will
When ever you look for arms to hold you
Look no further than me, and i will be
Your sheltering tree, always
You will have my dark beauty
And his intuitive thinking
Someone like no other living
For you will be his and mine
And a different kind of wing will carry you
Wings made of passion and of love
You may look different, but you will be beautiful, my love
Your skin may mark you, but it marks you as ours
And your eyes may be bright and green, a color not normally seen
But they will also have an abnormal sheen
You are heavenly, my angel, living within me
You are one of the many gifts your father has given me
Life may be hard, things may be a struggle
But you are the object of which i shall prevail
I will never leave you out alone
And i will do my best to understand your ways
its unfair when what we want is forbidden
And so i will never forbid you anything
You will be happy and healthy
Raised in the sun and by the stars
Because, my darling, you are ours
And everything i can give will be yours
You are so very lovely
You are the beauty growing inside of me

Chris Boyles 26 March 2007

Brilliant write..no more could a child of hoped of a mother..and one day you will be that mother with a child who is the apple of your eye..you wrote so well of one who was not here..with much thought and understanding..well done I loved it..thanks for sharing..hugs Chris

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Lesa K 28 July 2006

You put a lot of your heart into this one! : -)

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Guarded Heart

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