The Best Mother In The World Poem by karen banks

The Best Mother In The World

My mother, my therpist and my hero

You raised me up and took me in

You were my mom in the begining

and you will be my mom in the end

You been my mother all my life

so to let someone come in just

because of their tittle is not right

You have this tittle because you earned it

and even though I was a hand full you never quit

Mom you did it so here you are

and in my heart you will always be a star

you save my life you are my superman

and no matter what GOD has a plan

buppy roads my seem like mountains

pain may come with teary fountains

no matter what happens i will be your daughter

and when i walk acoss that stage u can say I taught her

and even if all you see is the dark night

its okay because we walk by faith and not be sight

forget alstate we are in the lords hands

people will come an go but in you let them find a leader

after all you are taught by the best

yep with GOD being your teacher

you will be able to ace anything like a test

you are the reason that I am determine

I will come home even if i have to fight head on with a demen

The devil has no place in this play to get home

even though he tempts to make me feel along

and to go into depression and feel that I dont belong

this musical was not made to sing sad songs

this is not new orleans so no need for the blues

mom you are a winner because with GOD we cant lose

llisten mom I have grreat news

GOD is our gps so no wrong turns will be made

since were going forward our past will fade

Mom just to know were in this together

even with storms sunny will be my weather

and when you think people want to get in your way

know that this is the time to pray

people will try to get in our skin

so lets pray again so there wont be any sin

with GOD the impossble is possble

and dont forget he only has the last say

let people do what they do best

because in the end it will determine where they will rest

with jesus on your right and holy spirt on our left GOD got our back

so we dont need no one else

so with these words I will conclude

I have alot more to say

but I will save that for another day

with these words I wanna says thanks

for you are my mother

that is why my name is karen iesha banks

Brian Purdy 25 January 2012

A fine tribute to your mother. Just would suggest you pay a tiny bit of attention to spelling and grammar, girl. They are the 'bricks an mortar' that help you build the temple.

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Margaret Beil 13 January 2012

Hi Karen got to say this is really good your mum must be soooo proud of you! Keep writing x

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