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Resident: Halifax, N.S. Canada

At any given hour: reader, writer, husband, sketch-artist and water-color painter, cyclist, pool-player, coffee-drinker, smoker...

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A Poem Is

A poem is admission
Of confusion
And being what it is
Excites derision;

Yet those who mock
Will see their words forgotten
While poems alter worlds
And swallow oceans

A poem may be hard
Or it may soften
Such blows as while alive
We meet too often

A poem is a voyage
Of discovery
On which we risk all chance
Of full recovery;

A poem is no display
Of erudition
No learned text that stinks
Of dead tradition

A poem is a brave
And human gesture
Dressed in mage's clothes
But still a jester;

Dispensing with the proverb
And the précis
Prefers its porridge plain
And nothing fancy

On days so blue
They might as well be grey
A poem's what we try
When we can't pray.

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Brian Purdy Popularity

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