(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

The Best Time Of My Life... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

'For June...who sang her way into my live.'

The song 'Love'...just finished playing...
and it brought memories of you.

It was a summer in Maine...the
best summer of my life.

I Remember walking into this barn-like lounge and
you were singing. I sat close to the stage, ordered
a drink and listened...and listened...and listened.

Your red hair, flowed long and loose over your
silk white shoulders. The blue eyes soft...as you
took a long, lazy stare in my direction.

We became lovers. Every time I walked into
that lounge and sat at my table next to the
stage, you sang that song;

L...is all that I can give to you...
O...is for the only one I see..
V...is very...very extra ordinary
E..is even more than any one that I adore...

Every time you sang that song to me...
I feel in love with you...all over again.

Days we spend with our friends, on the beech.
We'd drink beer...eat steamed little neck clams
..and drank some more...ate some more
..and listen to Tony...who's play the
accordion all day. The man sang nothing
but love songs...all day. When he sang, that deep voice,
with the thick Italian accent...melted many a heart.

After, we'd go to you place on the waterfront.
Listen to the waves lap up against the pier
..and make love. Then...we'd shower together...
you got ready for work...we'd get a bite to eat
and the next day...start all over again.

God, we were so madly in love that summer.
I don't know what happen to us. It seems
the summer ended...and so did we.

To this day...forty years later...I remember it

...as the best summer of my life.

© Joe Fazio

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 11, 2010

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