>≫≫≫The Book Of My Life (One Of My Best) Poem by Abdul Wahab

>≫≫≫The Book Of My Life (One Of My Best)

Rating: 4.8

In between my decorative cover
I laid a lot of colourful words
In red, blue, green and white
In black, sorrow and pain
All the doubts in yellow
I wrote in pink
The nightmares
I went through
In upper case I kept
The fragrance of lofty thought
You taught me
In tight secrecy, the memories
In maroon, in turquoise
The joy I got
Side by side
Along with the moon
Still words are merely words
You can not see
The wounds of the wind
Oozing of the heart
Red blood of the dream
Still unmakes the image
Of the blank space
Left by you
With Big Dash I am only
Able to paint
The sound of
Of emptiness

Wahab Abdul 10 June 2013

thank you vineet fr yr nice cmnt

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Heather Wilkins 12 June 2013

you write of many beautiful colors of life. some bold some soft and lovely. putting them together it paints a lovely picture. very nice.

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Ruby Mostazir 10 June 2013

he way you described your life of book this is really wonderful & unique. this is really a great work! : -)

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Wahab Abdul 10 June 2013

thank you Jasbir fr yr nice cmnt

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Wahab Abdul 09 July 2013

thank you Notinwomanhood

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Rajesh Thankappan 02 March 2014

With Big Dash I am only Able to paint The sound of Of emptiness A brilliant poem.10/10 for certain. Yes, sometimes we are left with no choice but to paint the sound of emptiness.

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Wahab Abdul 03 November 2013

From: Jessica Rust (United Kingdom ;) To: Wahab Abdul Date Time: 10/15/2013 1: 32: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: Poem Information Hi, My name is Jessica Rust Im currently studying in London a Creative Digital Media course for one of our projects was I given your poem 'My book of my life' to research I was wondering if I would be able to ask you a few questions.. 1. How you got into poetry 2. When, where and why was My Book of My Life written? 3. How did this poem make you feel? Thank you Kind Regards

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Hibo Abdirahman 26 September 2013

beautiful words and touching

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Harindhar Reddy 22 September 2013

I opened yr book of feeling - moved by yr raunchy, vivid imagination. A epoch-making verse! Thumbs up!

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Payal Parande 23 July 2013

beautiful words painted by beautiful word...brilliant

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