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When we are together
Constantly we fight
When we are apart
World seems depressed

You must be cried
Heavy rain fall last night............

Sometimes i feel so alone in a million crowd
Sometimes i feel so empty inside
On da road;
In da crowd;

Destruction all over da world


Droplet fall
Tear or rain
Both are causes
Of pain …..

Last night in google
I was searching a little sympathy
Google replied;
page is not available

Wedding hall lighting like a palace
Da king sits beside da queen

a gray bird sheds some tear….

I want to thank u God
You keep me on your care
and for da mercy
dat you always shower

I have only 1 topic
To write a poem
Dat is ….. you

As much as i tried to escape
Life tied me up so much,

Wel, let da life going on
Da way it used to go n mess

You promised me for two roses,
When we reached dere on garden
All da roses were died!

Now roses are blooming again on mountain

Your hand holds her hand
colored by

Some dried flowers covered
By a pink rich corona's wrapper
And a black thread with 99 knot
(the 99 holy names of Allah)

Remembering you tonight ….
Recalling so many stuffs about our past
What are you doing now just..

I want to see a dream of any calm face
In a summer noon a martin bird taking rest?
At least a dream of a draw
In a busy city flying away a crow! !

মেঘেরা সেদিন তোমায় ছুঁয়ে ছুঁয়ে যাচ্ছিলো
তোমার হাতের মুঠোয় লুকিয়ে ছিলো
বেদনার বিষাদ গোলাপ
আর তোমার দুচোখে ছিলো

she is just 24...
this is her age to adorn some dream
this is the age to waiting for her prince charming
who will protect her from all the crisis

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Miss You Xx

When we are together
Constantly we fight
When we are apart
World seems depressed
Like a dark gloomy night......

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 March 2019

তিনি কবি পর্দার ওপারে বসে লিখেন যা ছুঁয়ে দেয় আমার মন-তন-প্রাণ দশদিক থেকে আসে তাঁর কবিতার সুঘ্রাণ আমার অমিতে অনুজ লিখি অপ্রতিভ অযাচিত চরণ অগ্রজ তিনি অন্তর্লীন ছন্দে করেন বরণ কাব্যময়ীতার অকৃত্রিম প্রেম সম্মোহন আসুক তিনি এ কবিতা প্রেমের হৃদয়ে লিখুক যুগান্তরের রন্দ্রে রন্দ্রে ভরিয়ে তুলুক হিতকর জ্ঞান সকলের তরে

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Rajnish Manga 13 September 2018

There is something strange happening here.20 votes in favour of the poet and 30 against her. When Mdm Valsa George appreciates, it means a lot. I have also read a couple of poems written by Ruby Mostazir and find them quite refreshing and impressive. My best wishes to her.

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Md Anisur Rahman 05 May 2016

I like your all poems.Your poems includes Renaissance.l like too.

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Valsa George 05 August 2015

Yes Ruby, we all camouflage our feelings! Our inside may be totally different from our outside! Succinctly put!

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Ruby Mostazir Popularity

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