The Brave Man Poem by Randy McClave

The Brave Man

The brave man carries no gun
Because he is afraid of no one,
From fear he will not runaway or hide
Because he has God at his side.
He is not scared or frightened of a stranger
He does not believe that he is in constant danger,
Who lives by the sword will die by it
So, he lives not in shame, guilt or regret.
He puts his faith and strength in the lord
And never in a gun, rifle or sword,
He knows that his days are already numbered
God already knows what he'll encumbered.
The holy Bible he will read
The words and the teachings of Jesus he does heed,
The gun owners Bible he has never read
All it teaches is the preparation of shooting someone dead.
Violence and blood and hate he does not seek
Never, ever is he a coward or is he weak,
He does not need a gun in his hand or pocket
Murder or revenge is not on his docket.
He's not afraid to walk up or down any street
He's not a coward to the people that he will meet,
Peace is all that he will ever truly crave
And that is what makes him brave.

Randy L. McClave


Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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