The Bravest Man Poem by Randy McClave

The Bravest Man

Here is a simple pop quiz
Who is the bravest man that there is,
Who is the bravest man that you might know
Or the bravest man others did show.
Is the bravest man to your left or to your right
Only because they have a weapon as their might,
Or is it the man that is in front of you
Because he keeps a weapon in his shoe.
Remember a weapon doesn't make anyone brave
A weapon makes you it's slave,
It becomes your ruling master
Then everywhere you look you will always see disaster.
Without a weapon a coward is afraid to leave his house
And he becomes as timid as a mouse,
His heart is pounding and shaking as is his knees
Terror is all that he feels or sees.
The coward always keeps a weapon near his bed
Because all that he feels is worries and dread,
And when or if he ever says a prayer
He says it only for the loaded gun over there.
The bravest man is always the one
Who can't ever be used as a pawn,
He's the one that doesn't own a rifle or a gun
He is the one that will never run.
He's the one that's not afraid of a religion or a race
And he's the one never standing in disgrace,
If he screams or barks out any command
He does it without a weapon in his possession or in his hand.
He's never ever a coward at all
Even if he meets strangers named Muhammad, Jose' or Saul,
Never does he hunker down or runaway or hide
When he has no weapon at his side.
The bravest man that there ever was
Is the man who the bullies are all afraid to speak of,
He doesn't need or want a gun or a rifle
All that he needs is his two fists and then has an eyeful.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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