The Broken Twilight Poem by erie morganmaples

The Broken Twilight

your now lost within the
broken twilight, all of
your demons seem to expose
every-thing about you one-

as you look to me you
see that your lost soul
will never ever control
your thoughts around this
troment that you gives
you all of these so-called
demons to be cared for by

your gentel thoughts
will never ever escape
the chaos that life will
soon give you out-side
this broken twilight
that will soon bring toy
down once and for all.

i hear you call my
name, out loud in
this sorrowful fear,
to hear my reply that
you will never ever
hear inside these dreams
that seems to become so
unclear to you as you give
away to this broken twilight
that is in front of you now

as you cross the jaded
miles that you have ran,
you demand that every-one
that loves you, takes you
by the hand and tells you
that they love you for you
and not as any-one else but
as you are,

you run with no-where
to go, your heart turns
to ice as you realize that
the lives that has been lost
inside th hopeless misery
that you-ve found your-self
trapped in leads up to the
broken twilight that lives on
inside your heart forever.

the broken twilight
seems to hide every-unknown
detail that you do-not share
with those who love you more
than you love yourself as
a person

Crimson Soul 21 October 2012

I Love The Imagery You Put In :) Your Emotions Flow Through The Tell-Tale Signs Of Nature Itself. Nice ^^

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Alice -praises-''yhvh'' 19 October 2012

Dear Erie, Very nice wright. Well wrighten. Interesting thoughts. Glade to see your poems. Alice

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