The Brothers Death Poem by Clive Culverhouse

The Brothers Death

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A brotherly jaunt through sinister mirth
behold the brothers Death:

gowned and guided, an ill century
the fourteenth, an alliance of crop, of plague
in ground-down death of torrential pains
in sores and blood under the rains
that drowned the land, starved the bellies
there echoed howls of ill exclaim
a wanting of a light to shine
is where the brothers thought that they
worked well together, effectively

one would scoop from ruined crop
one from sickness, war, attack
the beak, a sign, of the plague mask
in shacks, where hags mopped weeping rot
crosses on doors, on floors of straw
with nothing in the cooking pot
the brothers danced and sang their wealth
of many clientele they sought

and on they went, and on they struck
perfecting songs on appetites
of pestilence and of disease
hand in hand like trees whose leaves
do smother, smite, in murderous breeze
the brothers, down the ages tease
and beckon, wreaking havoc on,
like rolling waves of seas on high
always taunting their sister - life

Clive Culverhouse
First written in 2018, rewritten in 2020

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: brother,death

The Brothers Death
poetry by Clive Culverhouse

Clive Culverhouse 03 November 2023

From PoetrySoup website 'wow, just wow. The imagery you used to describe the brothers of death was profound and powerful. It was spot on. The last line, though, grabbed it with its haunting message of taunt. Superb! '

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Clive Culverhouse 13 December 2020

This is one of my poems I put on the poetry website Write Out Loud Here's a couple of comments " You write beautifully but it haunts me this poem, you remind me of the war poet Wilfred Owen" " A poem of considerable depth, and well worth reading on more than one occasion. Enjoyed."

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Richard Wlodarski 10 December 2020

Many stark similarities to what's happening with this pandemic! Excellent poem, Clive!

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Clive Culverhouse 13 December 2020

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my poem The Brothers Death, very much appreciated., , .

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