The Cobra And The Mongoose Poem by Orlando Belo

The Cobra And The Mongoose

"Tell me mongoose why are you trying to steal my freshly laid eggs?
"Well, I've not eaten for weeks and I'm dying on my legs."
"Don't you realise that very soon these eggs will be my children? "
"But you have so many and you won't miss nine or ten."

"How wrong you are mongoose I'll miss every one of them."
"Well, tell me cobra, are you prepared to die for only ten? "
"Mongoose, I am a mother and for only one I would die."
"Why are you swaying Cobra and is that a tear in your eye? "

"Aren't you feeling sleepy mongoose you do have heavy eyes? "
"I know what you are doing cobra, you're trying to hypnotise."
"For your information mongoose, I'm doing my cobra dance,
it's a dance of magic that leaves aggressors with no chance.

Do not think that I cannot see you mongoose, trying to encircle me,
first in one direction and then the other, assessing my vulnerability.
I must give you warning mongoose, I have a deadly bite that can kill,
and if you don't die immediately, moments later you surely will."

"I have heard all about your bite cobra, but you do not frighten me,
my skin is thick with the coarsest of hair, protecting my entire body.
I must also give you warning cobra, my teeth are as sharp as swords,
and combined with my agility, I will surely have the final words."

"Well, if I were you mongoose, I would withdraw while you can,
unless of course you want to be the cause of my indigestion."
"I was just thinking cobra, you and your eggs would just be my fill,
and now that only leaves the formality, and the certainty of the kill."

For hours and hours, the pair did spar and fight,
throughout the day and throughout the night.
The mongoose went close and the cobra did strike,
but neither had yet delivered the decisive bite.

Both were aching and tiring, and their speed was decidedly lacking pace.
Mongoose decided one final attack, then retire and turn about face.
With one last almighty effort, the mongoose leapt as high, as he could,
after somersaulting in the air, it buried its teeth below the cobra's hood.

This ferocious bite, severed the cobra's spine and instantly killed the snake,
but the mongoose struck once again to make sure there was no mistake.
It then bit off and swallowed the cobra's once dangerous, and swaying head.
However, the fangs of the cobra punctured its stomach, which left it decidedly dead.

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