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An Angel appeared beside you
when I turned my head.
He blew on your face and removed your pain,
and then raised your spirit from the bed.

I was talking with some friends
when you appeared out of the blue.
My voice failed in mid-sentence,
at the first sight of you.

Sitting alone in the country garden of cottage 82,
on this July day, with the sun shining through.
Watching the dandelion seeds, as they are wafted up high,
and just observing nature, as the day passes by.

I was concerned about the time
that it was taking me to pee.
The pressure wasn't what it was,
and it flowed intermittently.

Yesterday I was desperately unhappy
and didn't know which way to turn.
For some reason you turned against me
as though love's flames ceased to burn.


I was woken by the howling wind in the small hours.
The clock was showing three forty-four.
The shutters were banging against the outside wall
and a draught blew under the door.


The first time our fingers ever touched
we shared a contact so heavenly.
You took your heart and all your dreams,
and with a smile passed them to me.

As I walk in this stifling heat,
with no shoes upon my feet.
I search for wine, women, and song,
as I hopefully go along.

You say that you live at the top of the hill,
but that doesn't mean much to me.
It's what you feel deep in your heart
and not the silver spoons and money.

You gave me the spotlight before it shone,
and gave me the confidence to carry on.
You kept giving me that important push
when I was down and out of touch.

The sun casts morning shadows
over the frost-covered ground.
Blackbirds search for breakfast,
but there's nothing to be found

I found myself standing in a cornfield
on this warm summer's day.
An afternoon wind blew into my face
and literally carried me away.

In the early hours of this morning,
as I lay sleeping in my bed.
I experienced a most peculiar sensation
coming from the inside of my head.

No matter how much I try
I just can't stop loving you.
You said we were finished as a couple,
but what am I supposed to do?

You're always placing me on a pedestal
and I really don't stand that tall.
You look upon me as someone special,
and that's definitely not me at all.

I'm distraught without you
and so full of distress.
My heart's up in my mouth
and not in my chest.

Upside down, yes upside down,
this world is a funny place,
but would I see it differently
if I wore another face.

You are truly a curvaceous beauty,
an unbelievable sight-for-sore-eyes.
I've never ever seen one quite like you,
you are so alluring, you hypnotise.

There is nothing left to do or say,
I've done my best in every way.
I've tried to live as a decent man,
and be as honourable, as I can.

Orlando Belo Biography

Derbyshire born, Derbyshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head.anon. I’m plain and simple, up front and in your face, if you don’t like what I do, thats fine, there's beauty in both silk and lace.)

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An Angel Came

An Angel appeared beside you
when I turned my head.
He blew on your face and removed your pain,
and then raised your spirit from the bed.

I asked him if you were going to heaven
and he said, 'That is the best place to go'.
I then asked could I be with you when I died?
And he said, 'God alone would know'.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 December 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets in Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Orlando Belo from Derby, England as, 'Cordial Corona.' This title is offered due to his log-time and high standard notable literary perseverance. His contribution to the world literature is adorable. From today onward he will be known as, 'Cordial Corona Orlando Belo. We hope, all poets, visors and people will like this.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 December 2018

Orlando Belo is a multi-talented and internationally reputed poet from England who has deep knowledge and broad vision. His perseverance of literature is of very high standard. He writes poems in many topics like friendship, life, lifestyle, love, journey, imagination, society, nature and many more. Readers love his poems very much. I know him very well and I am astonished finding high skill and deep philosophic essence in his each poem. His poems are gems and beneficial.

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M Asim Nehal 29 October 2018

Mr. Orlando Belo is a great poet with deep insight on the subjects such as life, friendship, relationship, satire etc etc. I would like to describe him as a creative genius whose pen always writes something which is close to the reality. His unique style of writing is amusing. I wish you pink of health. May you prosper and reign as the popular and honoured poet of Poem Hunter, Stay Blessed.

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Orlando Belo Quotes

Contemporary art is very personal, and to me it has to be a blend of skill and creative ingenuity. Whether it be simple or complicated, much the same as poetry. 27/11/2016 - 03: 58

Inner Demons II Inner demons question every movement, decision, idea, and thought at every level. Their sole purpose is to drive you insane, they are not there to help you. However, you can use them to be creative, but you do so at your peril. 14/6/13 amended 16/8/15

How many times has she suddenly said, something like, 'Don't you think you should get ready dear? ' And I would reply, 'Ready for what? ' And she would say, 'To pick up the paint and wall-paper.' And I would say, 'What paint and wall-paper? ' And she would say, 'We discussed all this last week.' And I would say, 'What did we discuss? ' And she would say, 'You of course, decorating the bedroom.' And I would say, 'I never discussed doing any decorating.' And she would say, 'Yes you did, last Sunday afternoon.' And I would say, 'What did I actually say? ' And she would say, 'You agreed to my suggestion and said, yes dear.' And I would then say, 'And what was I doing at the time? ' And she would say, 'Oh I don't know, you were probably watching some sport on the television.' And I would say, 'Oh I see, you attacked again when my defences were down did you.' And she would end up by saying, 'Well, don't you think you had better get ready then? ' And I would end up by saying as usual, 'Yes dear.' 14/9/14

Unwelcome The release of an obnoxious smell is not a gift to the air. It's a contamination of space and unwelcome anywhere. 7/9/14

Gifts Not all gifts are tangible and come tied with ribbon, and yet the ones we cannot touch are without doubt like gifts from heaven. 7/9/14

Touched by Love To be touched by love is like being placed under a spell. One minute you believe that you are in heaven and the next you know you're in hell. 7/9/14

Love is like a diamond; its facets can be many. From emotional turmoil to euphoric ecstasy. 7/9/14

The Passing Winds The only good time for passing wind is when standing up wind on a windy day, but then it rides the wind to someone else's nose, who annoyingly hopes that it's quickly blown away. 7/9/14

Marriage was created to make girls into women by giving them motherhood; not necessarily by having children. It was also created to make boys into men by giving them responsibility. and a voice to say amen. 7/9 14

Creativity A human has been created to be creative in body and mind from the moment of birth. The creative spirit is responsible for transmitting chemical impulses to anyone it encounters, thus stirring a response in the form of a feeling or an emotion. The purpose of the creative spirit is to be positive, and uses its ability to try and reverse any signs of negativity. However, a person born without a creative spirit is deemed to be negative, and is therefore starved of many of the emotions of life. Amended 22/8/14

The Time Of Vulnerability If you are a person of strong character and mind, and are not easily led as a sheep. In your dreams you'll be taken from your comfort zone, and as a lamb you'll be too embarrassed to bleat. And if you are a natural born follower, that's content to be just another sheep. You will be thrust to the front as a leader of many, and the fear will wake you from your sleep. 12-2-12

People Isn't it funny how some people put their mouths into gear before their brain. 9-1-12

The Mature Woman 1 One of the problems I have with older women is that I do not know if they are trying to convince me, or themselves. 08-03-12

The Mature Woman 2 Whenever she is in a different room to me, I find it impossible to determine whether she is talking to me or to herself, 9-1-2012

The Mature Woman 3 Isn't it funny how some women think that men are stupid, and yet consider us capable of being able to read their minds. 9-1-12

The Mature Woman 4 Isn't it funny how some women can grasp a random topic out of the air and give their opinion on it. She then asks a mere man what he thinks, and he poor soul, is at a loss to know what she's talking about. 12/9/14 amended

Too Few Words If all the words of one's language were separated, then placed in a hat and shaken. Not one single sentence could be made from ten words blindly taken. 18-9-11

Man Man is but a stitch in the tapestry of life, after the woman has threaded the needle. 18-9-11.

Time We don't see, hear, smell, taste, or feel it, and yet we tell others that we don't know where it's gone, as if we have recently held it in our hands. 1-8-11

Love Love is more overpowering than life itself, and as a force will never die. It may well fade and come to an end, but its effect will always survive. 24/5/11 amended 28/10/15

Lovers Lovers are like race horses, and seldom cross the line together. 9-1-11

Dreams and Inspiration It's amazing how a three dimensional dream can vanish instantly into the mind's abyss and at a similar speed inspiration can appear through the mental mist. 6/12/10

Jealousy and Anguish When jealousy first raises its ugly head the anguish suffered trying to conceal it, is almost as unbearable as the emotion itself. 30/6/10

The Big Picture Thought, skill, and materials are the building blocks, but it's their combination that completes the picture! 10/6/10

Aiming High It's all very well aiming high for the stars, but ambitions have to be within reach. If your aims are seriously out of touch then like a dream you won't touch each. 24/3/10

Changes When you are young patience becomes the reward for fortitude, but as one grows older it matures into obduracy. 19/2/10

Inspiration It appears in a flash from out of nowhere and seems to vanish in the same way. 11/9/09

Hope Hope is your best friend and is so reliable, it's always there when you want it. 6/6/09

Patience If patience was the name of a bus, it would certainly be worth waiting for. 6/6/09

Mankind When one thinks about mankind only two things in life are certain, if you have been born you will die, and if you haven't, you won't. 20/5/09

My Mum My mum often said that clothes maketh the man. However, it seems pretty obvious to me that she never visited a nudist colony. On second thoughts maybe she did. 12/1/09

Isn't it Funny? Isn't it funny how people who say ‘isn't it funny? ' often don't say anything funny at all? 9/1/09

Poets and Artists Words are to the poet as colour is to the artist, as is canvas to paper, brush to pencil and medium to ink. 8/12/08

Politics In Religion The politics in religion make a mockery of the belief and sentiments that are expressed. 5/9/08

Talent Everyone is born with at least one sort of talent. First you have to discover what it is, and then you have to decide whether you want anyone to know about it. 27/3/08

Reason The reason I fall asleep in company is because it saves me spending too much time in bed. 20/8/07

Life Life is like a mystery bus tour that doesn't allow you to get off until you arrive at your destination. 26/3/07

Man God created mankind with a purpose and a gift to create, so don't just think about it, create. 6/6/06

Thoughts and Opinions I may have thoughts about most things, but I haven't an opinion on anything. 1/2/06

One cannot accurately describe never waking up even with the use of an over active imagination. When you actually have to suffer the ordeal you are still unable to describe the situation. 2/2/17

Indescribable One cannot accurately describe never waking up even with the use of an over active imagination. When you actually have to suffer the ordeal you are still unable to describe the situation. 2/2/17

Speech Never make a statement in haste. It often comes back to haunt you. Fewer words are always wiser, answer questions as politicians do. Take time to think before you speak. Be weary on the words you choose. One day in the future you may regret the exact words you used.

Orlando Belo - The Facts We were babies of the forties Children of the fifties Teenagers of the sixties Young adults of the seventies Experienced in the eighties Middle-aged in the nineties Seniors in the noughties Wiser in the tens Forgetful in the twenties Fortunate in the thirties Very fortunate in the forties And past it in the fifties. 16/9/20

ANGELS If there were no humans there would only be the Angels. If there were no humans we wouldn't know about Angels. 4/10/20

PERFECTION Humans were created to be born imperfect and will forever remain that way. The nearest to perfection are unborn Angels and they were created that way. 4/10/20

Your Inner Spirit Compare your inner spirit to a candle unlit it will stay unused day and night. When lit it will illuminate your direction through the darkness with its light.

Fate's Decisions I often find that fate punishes optimism with disappointment and pessimism with reward.

Touched by Love To be touched by love is like being placed under a spell. The spell can lift you to the highs of heaven and also drag you into the lowest mental state of hell.

Politics In Religion The politics in religion make a mockery of the belief and sentiments that are expressed.

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Orlando Belo Popularity

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