Orlando Belo Poems

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An Angel Came

An Angel appeared beside you
when I turned my head.
He blew on your face and removed your pain,
and then raised your spirit from the bed.

A Tremor In My Heart

I was talking with some friends
when you appeared out of the blue.
My voice failed in mid-sentence,
at the first sight of you.

An English Country Garden

Sitting alone in the country garden of cottage 82,
on this July day, with the sun shining through.
Watching the dandelion seeds, as they are wafted up high,
and just observing nature, as the day passes by.

A Visit To The Doctor

I was concerned about the time
that it was taking me to pee.
The pressure wasn't what it was,
and it flowed intermittently.

Yesterday And Today

Yesterday I was desperately unhappy
and didn't know which way to turn.
For some reason you turned against me
as though love's flames ceased to burn.


I was woken by the howling wind in the small hours.
The clock was showing three forty-four.
The shutters were banging against the outside wall
and a draught blew under the door.

Woken By Inspiration


The first time our fingers ever touched
we shared a contact so heavenly.
You took your heart and all your dreams,
and with a smile passed them to me.

Wine, Women, And Song

As I walk in this stifling heat,
with no shoes upon my feet.
I search for wine, women, and song,
as I hopefully go along.

Will Our Love Conquer All

You say that you live at the top of the hill,
but that doesn't mean much to me.
It's what you feel deep in your heart
and not the silver spoons and money.

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