The Color Blue Poem by David Knox

The Color Blue

the color blue is known to do
something strange to you
this time when i say you it is truly the reader
not the one who i love
not the one pure like a dove
the color blue
seems strange in nature just like you
it stimulates dreams without asking anything in return
nor do most dreams it propagates burn
no the color blue is serene
nice and soft like a moisturizing cream
but there is another color
that is not proved by psychology to stimulate dreams
i call it the color black
though the dreams are nightmares they are grouped in the same sack
with dreams akin like brother though more like an evil twin
the color black seems to always win
by bringing out your nightmares and pain
and sometimes your feelings begin to wain
that gives way to apathy
which leads to your becoming a tapestry, a tapestry
of death for this gives way to being dead
because black is everywhere, in every night
anytime there is no light
black is in you and its in me, how is we aren't dead?
in the end the color black has now become like lead
like a poison true nature forgotten we as humans simply say
black symbolizes death for that is the only way
that we console ourselves

Dawn Fuzan 14 May 2014

Well done this poem.keep it up

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Evaughn Gray 29 June 2007

oh my gosh David....i can't express on how good u r at ur writing..wonderful piece...~ur loving hazel

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David Knox

David Knox

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