The Communist Party Of India Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The Communist Party Of India

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Today the communist party talks of human rights violations,
Yesterday never did it say to,
Never voiced against,
Nor lodged the protest with
When its government had been
In power,
It crushed the democracy’s movements,
The people’s rights
In a pre-planned way
To evict them all,
Torturing the non-communists,
Mentally and physically.

Its hidden political agenda and strategy,
Tactics and techniques
All know it well,
How it can manoeuvre and manipulate the things
In its favour
Through propaganda,
The comrades can vandalize it all,
The muscle men,
Comrades recruited as regimented cadres,
Keeping a watch over the area
Through the members
Of the local, the zonal and the district committees
And their members
Aligning with the state committee
And the politburo.

To place the areas under the area commanders,
I mean the people’s representatives,
Training them through
Conferences and seminars,
The leftist ideologues teaching them,
The party whole timers
The dedicated and devoted men,
Sleeping, eating and drinking
In the party office,
I mean the party men always
After party and politics.

To organize the unions and to affiliate and align them
With the mother organization,
They can brainwash and eyewash too,
Locking out factories,
Raising slogans,
Arranging shut-downs and closures,
Pen down strikes,
Shutting against,
Creating a rift,
Diving society and harmony
Along the haves and the have-nots,
The rich and the poor lines.

For politics they can divide the family,
One member from another,
The brother from the brother,
The husband from the wife,
They know it well
As to how to rag, heckle and harass
The non-communists
And this they have done too
In their time,
Making the rift between
The leftists and the rightists visible,
To take the name of Mahatma Gandhi was a sin
If the photo found to be hanging
On the wall of the house
Rather than that of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Art
Guy Dimitri Jagodinski 30 April 2014

Great poem. Communists always hide behind lies.

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