The Common Men’s Party Forming The Government Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The Common Men’s Party Forming The Government

It is a strategy to form the government by the people’s name,
Cashing in their emotions
As for naming the party Common People’s Party
Otherwise there is nothing like this
And the votaries of it are but the people
Wanting to come to the fore,
I mean the aspiring people
To be the men of bargaining power,
To have share in power,
Staking claim,
All those shareholders of power.

Those who do not have any place
Want to come to power somehow,
Breaking and dovetailing and jumbling
As to rein in and wrest power,
How to rise high
Under the banner of the common man,
How to do the propaganda of the common man’s party,
Common man’s politics,
Just in the name of their chief priority,
But in reality manipulating and manouevring to come into power.

I know them those bargaining for power,
The men in power,
All those false people,
Making white lies,
Bluffing and befooling the people
Under the common man agenda,
None is above selfishness,
The same common man promising falsely
To the common man,
Doing politics under the banner of it,
Touching easy emotions
To accomplish their ends.

None is a common man
In the Common Men’s Party forming the government,
All are but politicos politicking to come into power,
The tactical common men,
Not the simple common men,
But the tricky urban people,
All their banners, festoons, hoardings and placards
Befooling the common people
In the name of the Common Men Party,
Doing the nautanki of sweeping the park,
But in their houses the housewives are tired of
Doing the household works
And they even assist them not at home,
Another choosing the slate
And one one the lantern.

Brian Jani 20 June 2014

Politics is a very complicated topic to write about yet you managed to pull it off

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