The Dancer's Smile Poem by Jim Yerman

The Dancer's Smile

We saw Riverdance last night (WOW! !) and as I watched these beautifully talented young professionals glide across the stage in front of me…
my mind wandered back a few years to an old man (not a professional) who use to dance down by the sea.

We would see him on the beach as the sun was setting…his arms and legs flailing everywhere…he danced relaxed…uninhibited…without a worry or a care.

One day we found the courage to ask him if he'd help us understand…what he was doing out there on the beach…dancing in the sand.

"I just love to dance." He said. "It's something my heart craves…and out her on the beach I find my rhythm with the waves."

"I close my eyes and listen as the waves dance upon the shore…and then I dance…and dance…and dance…and then I dance some more."

"When I'm dancing I become part of the wind as she dances through the trees…and I go soaring with the birds as they dance upon the breeze."

"What good is life if we can't enjoy it? " He smiled. "If every step we're not enhancing…I don't care if people laugh or stare…because…I'm too busy dancing."

We thanked him for taking time away from his dance to help us understand…and we left him smiling on that beach as he danced across the sand.

It's the same smile I saw las night on the dancers as they glided across the stage in front of me…
A dancer's smile that can be found on young professionals as they dance together by the river…
or on an old man..all alone…as he dances by the sea.

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