The Day I Met God Poem by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

The Day I Met God

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Many things in this life will take our breath away
Many things will make us want to give up,
Just sit indoors and weep if we can
Many things in this life will do very little to comfort us

No one tells us exactly what we are headed for
As we live and grow, believing that things will turn out as we want and hope them to be
Nobody tells us just how hard being a human being is

A big part of me wishes i had someone to tell me
someone to always guide me into the unknown or
Whenever i felt lost, someone to cry with me and let me know it was going to be all okey

its the small things in normal everyday life that we take for granted that seem all so important when we are in turmoil and we seem to be between a rock and a hard place

A smile from a stranger, a greeting from a friend
Whistling wind among the trees,
Bright rays of the sun that we often do not pay attention to
All of these things give us purpose and peace that comes from the great one from Above

In time of turmoil all else seems dark and bleak
Life seems pointless and meaningless
we miss even the joy of a cool glass of water, that we enjoy after a fruitful and meaningful job and we are tired

When your heart is in turmoil you see no joy in anything
Your food can not go down well as it is pushed out by the pain and saddness that is weiling up inside you

its all this that reminds me of the day i met God
I have been here before many a time
I never ever thought i would get lower than this, but life always has a way of surprizing us, knock you off your feet and leave you breathless

I walked into that hospital very angry,
betrayed, disappointed
lost, confused, shocked, scared
hopless, faithless, guilty, heartbroken, helpless,
bitter, alone
All these emotions were weiling up on my inside

All the years of trying to fix things on my own, do it my way had landed me in this situation
So many regrets ran through my head
If only i had known better
I told myself over and over as i walked

I walked on and on
it seemed i would never reach
my heart was cold, i was afraid if i stopped walking my heart would stop too
I prayed so much with tears pouring out my pain
But the anger i felt veiled my prayers
it made me feel hollow

when we walked into the theatre i tried to be brave
I prayed a little prayer as they put me under
For the first time in a long time i felt light
i felt the weight being lifted

I drifted to a place made of soft white flourescent light
A place marked by peaceful beauty
Glitering white lights and cool air
I felt at home there
I felt like i could get comfort there

As i walked on i saw a beautiful thrown made of the most beautiful stone
at the foot sat a man weeping very sadly and in alot of pain
I couldn't see his face clearly but i could see his painful grief striken tears

with each tear i could see an emotion from me slip down his face
I had never seen so much pain and sadness in my entire life
I was speechless,
Then he spoke to me, with the softest warmest most caring voice
He said, 'Why do you weep? Do you not know i want to take all your pain away? Do you not know that i love you so much and want to bear all your hurt?

Then he continued to weep and i could see all the anguish, the pain, hurt, betrayal, brokenness, hoplessness slip out of me and into him
I kept watching and i saw him cry them out

I knew that day when i came around that i had had a divine encounter
I felt more assured that i would be healed and restored
I knew so becuase the weeping man told me so.
I knew i had met God because i was at peace with myself

Maureen Desmond 23 June 2010

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O the power of God. Opens His arms to the broken, hurting, betrayed etc. A divine encounter with Him, is etched in your spirit forever. Lovely write! Enjoyed the read; D

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