The Night I Died Poem by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

The Night I Died

the phone rung and i answered
i could hear your voice of rebuke on the other side
more like a voice of torment

you cleared your throat and spoke
'i have heard what you have done to yourself', you said
maybe you meant well, but that i will never know
all i know is you made me feel small and little

you made me feel worthless and useless
that night i hated myself, i couldn't stand being me
that night i parted ways with my fighting spirit
that night you buried a part of me

that night i died
my pillow was soaked with tears
i could feel myself drowning in all that pain
my heart was broken so bad, i could feel my body aching and crying out in pain

for two whole hours you rode me and ground me down with your words
i believed you,
i believed everything you said about me
my heart was breaking so loudly

you made me feel little, insignificant and alone
had hoped you would hear me out
or even pretend to listen atleast

you broke my heart much more than he did
when i needed you the most to be my sister,
you called to lecture me,
when you said good bye that night,
you said good bye to a whole lot more than just me

because that night, i died.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Joseph Poewhit 08 September 2009

Really hurts to be deceived by another

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