The Day Life Began, 'Easter Sunday' Poem by Dave Tanguay

The Day Life Began, 'Easter Sunday'

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Father forgive them! For they know not what they do!

He died on the cross, for me - and for you
The son of God, - I know this to be true

His blood shed, - washed away all of our sins
Because of his love, we have all been forgiven

Hope for salvation was given, - on that forsaken day
For all of those - who have been led astray

A whole new chapter unfolds, for all of humanity
For this life sacrificed, brought about Christianity

Although He made it clear, he was sent for all of humankind
Through the son of God, all religions are combined

He said children - look for love - look for me
When you find him, - this is when you hold the key

Easter Sunday is remembered as the day life began
For on the third day he arose, all a part of God’s master plan

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son
Our Lord’s sacrifice on that day was not for one, but for EVERY one


Patricia Gale 08 April 2007

A proper fitting devotional for Easter. Well done.

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Duncan Wyllie 08 April 2007

Such wisdom Dave, this holds something very special, a connection for the people Thankyou for sharing this with us Love duncan X

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

Westbrook, maine
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