The Day They Went To Glasson Poem by Tom Billsborough

The Day They Went To Glasson

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I saw a tall ship sailing
Up the Lancs Canal
Now wasn't that real funny,
Perhaps a touch banal.

The skipper's name was Davie,
A blue-eyed sailor boy.
He sailed the good ship "Goosie"
Shouting "Ship ahoy! "

Setting forth from Catforth
On a bright and sunny day,
The Capt'n and his comely crew
So bright and good and Gay.

Onwards sailed the frigate
Towards the river Brock..
The bo'sun wearing leather
The first mate in a frock.

The merry crew sailed onward,
The sun high in the sky,
Stopping off at Garstang
"Ahoy there, " was the cry.

Our Davie danced a hornpipe.
Gert said: "What a farce."
Tommy gave a baleful glare
And kicked him up the arse.

They sailed from Garstang City
Late in the afternoon.
So brash and bright and bonnie..
"Ahoy, lads. See you soon."

The anglers on the towpath
Gave the Victory sign.
The tug chugged ever onward
Through the foaming brine.

The frigate sailed past Cabus,
And on to Forton town.
The Skipper ripped his trousers.
Gertie tore his gown.

They sailed up north till by and by
Condon Green loomed large.
They tied the frigate Goosie up
She's just a frigging barge!

"We can't stop here. We must
Press on to Glasson Dock.
Just get your finger out, " quoth Dave.
"You there, in the frock! "

We've all the locks to struggle
Through so every man on deck,
And Gertie, take those high heels off..
Or you'll break your frigging neck! "

At last they moored at Glasson Dock.
The sky was bright with stars.
They went ashore and made their way
To one of the Jolly bars!

Sunday, November 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: humour
My late wife and I wrote this silly ditty based on cartoon characters she created. The journey is on the Lancaster canal which
goes from Preston in the South to the Lake District. The branch to Glasson Dock on the River Lune is the only part with Locks (four) .
Edward Kofi Louis 06 November 2016

To struggle. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Tom Billsborough

Tom Billsborough

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