That Uncertain Smile Poem by Tom Billsborough

That Uncertain Smile

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Her smile may be like fire.
But don't assume desire
Your feelings in a whirl
Dreaming of some future bliss
An all-consuming kiss.
She is your check-out girl
No more, no less
And you're her customer.
So please refrain
From bending on one knee
And issuing a quick proposal
To the embarrassment of all.
You may recall that bigamy
Is frowned on by the law,
Ending in a slow
Long queue waiting
For the porridge ladle.
If you are able
Think of it this way.
She is her own person
With her own reason
For awarding you that smile:
You called her by her name
Her shift is over in a while
You've put your card in upside-down
She may think you're a clown.
Oh God forbid, my friend!
But really in the end
A smile is just a smile.
So collect your bags and file
Off please. I'm waiting
To be served. It's me she fancies

Sunday, May 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams
Kelly Kurt 08 May 2016

I have known many a person that took a friendly smile as something completely different. The porridge bowl frozen solid and dropped on their toes.

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Tom Billsborough 08 May 2016

Ouch! Sounds like he was lucky it was only his toes and not a sure cure for constipation instead. Tom

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Pamela Sinicrope 28 May 2016

That was great! The title pulled me in and I enjoyed this...put a smile on my face with my coffee this morning. I take it this is based on truth, based on your author's note. Just loved it. Good writing and good fun. Thanks Tom.

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Tom Billsborough 28 May 2016

It's based on what someone told me about a very pretty till girl. He really thought she fancied him. I was too kind to disabuse him of his fantasy. Actually our local supermarket is a very friendly place and most of the girls are very nice and always give you a pleasant smile. The last line is just jokey. I don't assume any of them fancy me! In an way I'm celebrating the fact that women smile a lot more than us men and it's very much appreciated. But we should guard against over-optimistic assumptions! Tom

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tom billsborough 19 March 2018

Ah, but the friend might be younger and better looking than me! Maybe there is a stop of jealousy there! I do love making women smile. A most rewarding occupation without necessarily any thought for a reward. Usually that smile is enough. He was married so it's a bit cautionary too.

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Valsa George 19 March 2018

Enjoyed your frivolous attitude and the innocent fun of your day dreaming! Your advice to your friend not to be in haste to make a proposal and wait in queue for the porridge ladle is so clever as you think you have a greater claim on the girl and hope to be served....first!

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tom billsborough 18 January 2018

Hi Ludolf As my reply button isn't working still I'm having to use the Comment! Shopping wouldn't be the same without a bit of fantasy. And our supermarket girls really are a charming bunch! and I really don't mind signing autographs! (in my dreams) . I've one or two of yours to catch up on. Been doing editing a lot recently. Will have a good read tomorrow

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Ludolf Dauphin 17 January 2018

Lovely people, I couldn't help but smile because this poem remind me of someone i know. thank you for sharing.

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Bharati Nayak 28 June 2017

A smile is just a smile. So collect your bags and file Off please. I'm waiting To be served. It's me she fancies Naturally. - - - - - - -A fun filled poem- -brings smile to me.Thanks for sharing.

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Tom Billsborough 28 June 2017

Thanks, Bharati. Sadly the last bit isn't true! But I do think a woman's smile is the most magical thing on earth!

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