Black Hole Poem by Tom Billsborough

Black Hole

Rating: 4.1

There's a black hole
In my consciousness
I feel less whole
As it swallows up the light
Diminished by my lack of Faith,
Dark, dark, dark, I become
As the sun consumed by night.

In a distant park
A lone dog is heard to bark,
Lost, bereft of its master.
I too am lost
Cry out for guidance, Faith
As the gathering night encloses.
People with Faith, hold out your torch,
And bring me back to light.
You will not scorch me with your truths.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
M Asim Nehal 23 May 2016

The metaphor in this poem is par excellence which not only brings out the inner fight with self but calls for the courage of the society to stay together and help each others in distress, you nailed the hidden facts of the human nature with this poem, Simply superb and a full marks 10+++++++++++

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Tom Billsborough 23 May 2016

Thank you, Mohammed. Uniting is in all our interests. We must respect each other's beliefs. For instance I enjoy reading verses from the Koran and, as a poet, recognize great beauty in truths expressed there. To some extent I envy people who have a deep faith and always keep an open mind.

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Kelly Kurt 23 April 2016

I have long held the word 'faith' to be vulgar. It implies belief without substance or supportive proof. I cry out for indisputable fact, although that will not assuage my black hole either. A powerful write none-the-less

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Curtis Goodnight 23 April 2016

I would respectfully suggest that a Dawkins-like view of the inevitable [and good] progress of Science and/or Technology is itself another flavor of unsubstantiated faith. The idea that there are no limits to human knowledge or abilities requires its own non empirical faith - from controlled fusion, to antibiotics to the unfounded notion of interstellar space travel, Science too has its own mythos. [I have this delightful discussion often with my closest friend - a respected ecologist. He claims to hate it when i remind him that ecology is but another label for Zen LOL! ]

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Tom Billsborough 23 April 2016

Excuse me for being the sandwich filling in this debate. there are clearly shades of justification for Faith. I sometimes think of my Black Hole being the final knowledge of all things when debate and our adventures would end. I like Curtis's remark about ecology, an excellent tease! Tom Billsborough. Perhaps we should continue our debates in verse?

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Bri Edwards 03 September 2023

***** stars ..............I commented in June of 2016. Ain't that enough! ! ? ? RIP Tom, my late friend. : ) bri Are you looking up, down, or NEITHER at me now? ? ?

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Susan Williams 24 January 2023

How I miss you and your superb poetry, my dear friend from across the pond and now residing in the heavenlies

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Susan Williams 24 January 2023

How I miss you, Tom. I can only see you in your poetry now and hear your voice in the e-mails so I return to your account here and re-read your lovely works

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Smoky Hoss 01 December 2022

This is absolutely amazing poetry. The black hole swallowing hope, the distant bark of a lone dog calling out from beyond, the desire for help from strangers to light a path out of the darkness, and the fear of pain; superb flow of deep feeling.

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Unnikrishnan E S 11 July 2019

Very poignant and philosophical poem. Readily connects to one's intellect: As it swallows up the light Diminished by my lack of Faith, Dark, dark, dark, I become As the sun consumed by night.

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