Tom Billsborough Poems

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Black Hole

There's a black hole
In my consciousness
I feel less whole

I Am Here

"Chacun en soi et son ami vivra" Louise Labé

I am here and you are there

I Saw You Often

I saw you often with your head bowed low,
As if in sorrow from some awful wound,
Inflicted long ago.
And even when you smiled

That Uncertain Smile

Her smile may be like fire.
But don't assume desire
Your feelings in a whirl
Dreaming of some future bliss

Evening Light

My eyes now follow
Trajectories of shadows.
Deep, dark green hollows
Beneath the elder,

Pacific Days

Washing the barrier reef, the Coral sea,
Brings fresh nutrients to the coral blooms,
Chrysanthemums in splendour
Where fishes of deep orange, blue

Love Makes The World Go Flat

Love makes the world go flat,
Sparkling seascapes sweeping out
From rolling downs of wide horizons.
Shimmering skies absorbing eyes.

Old Oak Tree

Autumn breeze, oak leaves, deciduous dreams,
Your living bark stores rings of memories,
Climatic changes, centuries of data,
Beneath my skin,

Where Are The Snows Of Yesteryear?

Where the fair Helen, destroyer of Troy?
Where Cleopatra, seducer of Rome?
Where Saint Joan, deliverer of France?
And where Eleanor, the Queen of Romance

All At Sea

Compulsively concerned,
Claudia considered constipative confections.
Cheddar cheese, course.
Chewers choose cashews,

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