The Deserted House Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Deserted House

Rating: 2.7

Life and Thought have gone away
Side by side,
Leaving door and windows wide.
Careless tenants they!

All within is dark as night:
In the windows is no light;
And no murmur at the door,
So frequent on its hinge before.

Close the door; the shutters close;
Or through the windows we shall see
The nakedness and vacancy
Of the dark deserted house.

Come away: no more of mirth
Is here or merry-making sound.
The house was builded of the earth,
And shall fall again to ground.

Come away: for Life and Thought
Here no longer dwell;
But in a city glorious -
A great and distant city -have bought
A mansion incorruptible.
Would they could have stayed with us!

RH Peat 10 June 2020

I like the use for the changing rhyme scheme in the poem. Rhyme scheme for the complete poem: (abba ccdd effe ghgh ijkijk) .....................................eveloped, paired, enveloped, alternating, repeated-list ....................................(13 different rhymes) some of them even slant rhyme a poet friend RH Peat

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Merpy keep 28 February 2019

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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Amenda 16 May 2018

What a fabulous poem

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80Patcat 01 January 2018

the poem expresses the decay and ruin of the body by age. It is beautifully symbolic. The last verse suggests the possibility of life in heaven I like the simplicity of the last line....

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