The Dog's Room Poem by Randy McClave

The Dog's Room

There once was these two Hounds
They both enjoyed exploring the grounds,
Once these two dogs entered the same room at different times of the day
The first dog came out wagging its tail and wanting to play.
It jumped, it ran, and it was in a very happy mood,
It came out of the room with a very playful joyful attitude.

The second dog now entered into the very same room
Its reaction would be the same everyone did assume,
But, this dog exited the room both barking and growling
Showing its teeth and also furiously howling.
Why was this dog prepared and ready to bite,
And why was this dog angry and ready to fight.

A person seeing those reactions walked into that room to see
How this one room had effected two dogs completely differently,
How could this one room make one dog happy and glad
While making the another dog very vicious and mad.
And then unto this person's surprise,
The answer to those dogs conditions, up ahead lies.

The room up ahead was filled with mirrors
The happy dog saw a hundred happy dogs looking back at him with no fears,
While the angry dog saw a hundred angry dogs growling at him
Everywhere it looked it felt and saw and sensed grim.
Remember, whatever you see around you in this world near and far,
It is just a reflection of who you truly are.

Randy L. McClave


Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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