Alicia Meyers

Rookie (Greenville, South Carolina)

The Dream - Poem by Alicia Meyers

She closes her eyes and thinks of beautiful rainbows and flowers. She tries to grasp them, but it's nothing she can touch
and nothing that anyone else can see. She sighs and sits down in her mind - humming to her favorite song, a lullaby.
A voice derives by her ears; as she listens closely, she hears a man whispering her name. She glances around,
trying to look for the man whom has been murmuring to her, but not face-to-face where she can see what he looks like.
All of a sudden; a tall thinned man in a silver suit gazed upon her face, holding out one hand towards her, so she that she
can take it as she stood up on two feet. Her dark blue eyes viewed into his, looking into the perfect man. They didn't talk,
all they did was just stare at how amazing they were. Staring into each other's hearts and souls. And when they leaned
forward to kiss each other, it wasn't just any kiss and it wasn't just amazing. There were sparks flying everywhere like
the Fourth of July. It was colorful and special, as she forced herself not to let go of the moment. Inside her mind, she
was free, but outside of her mind no one let her be. And as she opened up her eyes, he was gone and so was she. The dream
took her back to reality, where she hated everything. She went back to being miserable by herself, with no man by her side,
or too hold her tight at night.
That morning, she goes to a coffee shop; as she sits down in a booth. A tall thinned man in a silver suit gazed upon her face
as he sat down across from her. His dark blue eyes viewed into her pretty face, as for the dream; she supposed it was
real. But in the back of her mind, it wasn't real enough. She just smiled up at him, not saying or doing anything. But as
the man was about to say something, his jaw closed and nothing came out. After a few moments he had to leave, but all he
said was 'I'll see you in your dreams.' He was very polite, as he winked once at her before leaving the cafe, for work.
When the day finally ended, she closed her eyes once again and saw his face. 'Am I dreaming? ' She asked, as the man
chuckled standing in front of her. 'No, you're not.' His soft calm voice answered. She stared at him with a blank
expression, just pondering what will happen. He takes his hands and wrap them around her waist, as they sway back and forth
to her favorite lullaby song. Spinning around, moving to the humming beat, she felt like he was sweeping her off her feet.
She was happy inside her mind, but she was also afraid what would happen when she opened her eyes.
The morning sunshine rose above her bed, as she wishes the dream didn't end. But once she went to the coffee shop,
the man at the same booth gazed at her as he smiled, sitting down she knew he was worth while. She closes her eyes
and thinks of beautiful rainbows and flowers. She tries to grasp them, but it's nothing she can touch, it's something
she can feel and see.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

It's not like a real poem; it's more of a story. But I still hope you all like it. (:

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 18, 2012

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