Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Edge Of Time

And so upon a mid-cent year there passed
The Revelations, so foretold by the
Almighty God and sundry brood of one
Jacob, as with brethren of Jesus Christ.
The dark Earth began to turn darker still,
Ushered forth from Beelzebub’s crooked
And leathery wings which beat His fiery
Temper all through an unsalvageable
Yet there sat Almighty God, and in
His great and just conquest of wickedness,
He beheld vast, insufferable peace.
Pious light and some lilting melodies
Addressed a new kingdom bathed in such a
Brilliant glow of benefit and too,
Felicity - chanting Angels swept from
Heaven’s open door to hail every
Gracious thanks in His name. They came upon
Their many mighty-hundreds from the time
When the Earth was without form, and void; and
Darkness was upon the face of the deep.
They hurtled sweetly upon generous
Breaths of cooling draughts to appear as pure
Souls should upon the merciful hand of
God which was polished with the moistened gleam
Of diamonds. One thousand lissom trumpets
Wailed the curling scores of Heaven’s finest
Harmonies as suddenly and finely,
Our massive star, yellow-hot, did peek its
Blazing eyes above all the equable
Panoramas, who raised high their dusty
Throats and replied with smoky ringlets of
Delicate scents occupying tender
Perfume and pointed spice in opulent
Every plant became
A tremendous column of natural
Potency, protracting leafèd knuckles
As close to Him as their corporeal
Bondage empowered. They unfolded clean
Each limb and bough, dressed in a dynamic
Gown of greenery, all of different
Hues ambiguously crafted from one
Painted stem.
Behold! Upon the scions
Which so acutely deviate from their
Mother-stalk, the piebald fingers. Lavish
And luminous, the ruffs of scarlet and
Azure, emerald, ginger, violet
And auburn veins, enunciated in
Howls toward the dormant skies.
Behind this
Vista the mounts all-bedecked with snow and
Weary shrubbery burrowed their seismic
Brawn into the extremities of the
Molten under-earth, and lifted themselves upon
Such rooted support.
At their foundations
Lay the winding rills which surged with a new
Animation. Winged and rimmed with sanguine,
Imbibing beasts, the sequence foreordained
Millennia before ubiquity
Commenced ran firmly ‘twixt the banks. To fuel
The drinking creatures, and to fuel all the
Generations from thither born.
There were
Wastes, too, though no longer so-called. Their great
Proportion lent them newer titles - no
Longer wastes, but plains where the sweeping of
Sandy ghosts could forever occur. And
Too, the waters which protect the land. So
Vast and incredible that e’en their own
Horizons were invisible to an
Eye that did not correctly levitate
High enough above Heaven and Earth, where
All piety and sovereignty governed
Completely, absolutely, totally.


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