The End Poem by Randy McClave

The End

In the end.
It won't be the poor or the destitute
Or the religious or the immigrant wearing a suit,
Or the elderly that others will want to shun
The country will be destroyed by the greed of the politician.
They say that they want to make our country strong
They always point out others that are guilty and wrong,
But, to find the true culprit they need not a detective or a seer
All that they would have to do, is to look into a mirror.

In the end.
A country will crumple and a country will fall
A radical ideal is dangerous no matter how small,
Especially when that idea is to repair a good county
By closing all of its doors from leaving and entry.
When you speak hatred you begin a war from within
Who truly losses and who really will win,
But, if you are the person thinking about money and power
Someday soon, it will become your own judgment hour.

In the end.
A nation will be destroyed from a simple sound
Not from a bullet or a bomb, but that of a gavels pound,
The working person or the beggar with the worn out clothes
Will lose all that they have from the person with the turned up nose.
All that we have or fought for will be sold or given away
Or taxed and levied upon so that for it we cannot pay,
We will look for the politician as a savior and a friend
And they will look at us and say…. The End.

Randy L. McClave

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: greed,political,politics
Edward Kofi Louis 25 February 2016

Greed had eaten up the brains of mankind; but, the righteous will always prepare themselves with the laws of the truth. Thanks for sharing.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

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