The End Poem by Aisha Sherazi

The End

When two people are in love,
The scales are balanced,
All things are sweet,
That is called Harmony.

When one person is upset,
One side weighs more,
It's up to the other to help raise that side,
That is called Understanding.

When two people,
Reveal their fears and angers,
Those scales teeter,
On the edge of doom.

When two people are upset,
And choose to stay that way,
That is called Broken,
That is also called The End.

Patricia Gale 06 June 2006

Wisdom beyond your years. Well thought and written! Patricia

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Preeti - is here! 04 June 2006

Aisha, a very well wieghed down poem :) liked it Preets

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Will Barber 02 June 2006

A ray of wisdom brings light, not darkness. The poem is in perfect balance, as well - the good, the useful, the unuseful, the bad end. One could start over at the beginning (as I did) and read through the second stanza. And stop. And say, the balance has been restored. The is eloquent, and the metaphor is used very well indeed.

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Elya Thorn 01 June 2006

Indeed very beautiful and uplifting! ~~Elya Thorn~~

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Jayne Jenkins 01 June 2006

a really beautiful poem. Breathtaking.

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