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The Eyes Have It

Rating: 2.3

There was a coldness in her eyes,
though all her words were flowing freely.
'I love you so and never will
abandon you or let you go.'
But eyes don't lie
and even closed
will tell the sad
and redneck truth
you always know.
One hundred words
one thousand roses
did not persuade
did not arrive
within the yard
of my own soul.
Your eyes
did tell,
though quite unseen,
the goddamn truth
it was the end
for you
as well
as -damn- for me.

Sallie Howson 07 March 2005

personally i find eyes are very good at lying too...however..i enjoyed the poem

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Allan James Saywell 06 March 2005

I like this poem herbert is has somrthing, i kept coming back maybe there is something i've seen before, in my own lifetime Warm regards allan

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Michael Shepherd 06 March 2005

I love Maya Angelou's crisp cracker: 'If that's the sort of person you are, that's not the sort of person I want to be around..' End of story! Yours - well told.

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Christine Magee 06 March 2005

This is excellent, Herbert. Very compelling and flows beautifully. Chrissie

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Ivy Christou 06 March 2005

Great poem. Eyes can never lie. Excellent.. HBH

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