The Fear Of Nada Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

The Fear Of Nada

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The bouncing of your swift curves, the scent of your comely presence, the freshness of your beauty, the sweetness of your body. The aroma of your tempting gait. The charms of your suffocating sexiness. I'm most definitely filled up; by what magic have your eyes stolen me away? What beauty I can only see with the blindness of my eyes? I am lost and found in the infinite prison of love and sensations. You are a rainbow. I'm standing under your beautiful colours. Clothe me in the radiance of your softness. I cannot wait to drink your lips like sacramental wine. Your two fresh apples are fullmoon, more like ivory towers, leaping upon me tantalizingly, taking me to the sacred shamba where your honey pours forth. Drunken with emotion, I am lost into the mist, flooding my senses with warm, intimate fragrance. Oh, yeah... words ain't enough to enunciate the holism of your elegance. When I'm left with a flimsy chance of holding and touching your ravishing body, carrying you with all the weight of my heart, when I feel quite nostalgic for how this romance tree is planted and watered by the same breath, when the moonlight reveals the libidinous tendency of uxorial chamomile as your shapely cold body falls majestically into the warmth of my arms, unreluctant towards the law of gravity... Let my flagon of sweet kisses play on your lips, paradise is an unebbing journey through the magnetic contact of bodily union, glue yourself unto me rapturously as though tomorrow represents an uncertain part of existence... Your love has won the possessive battle with my heart, come fully into the orbit of my being. Again and again decorate my lips with all patterns of kisses; having lief somersaulted into the chunky and delectable wad of your hips through the caressing of heaven, my judgement of the comprehensive taste of your palatable sweetness is now wafted phenomenally beyond the parameter of dreams... If there be a wish that enraptures the actual flow of my inner makeup, that should be everything that has to be you - the life we both live, the joy we both cherish, the love we both share... lurks in my being the fear of nada, but of losing you. In my heart you are locked up. And thrown away the key where no existing hand ever can reach. My heart blithe and safe this way.

Kelvin Owusu 06 December 2012

A very lovely poem. It's well-thought out but I believe you should break it into stanzas or paragraphs; just big blocks of texts can be straining to the eyes.

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Gwenevere Cornwell 05 December 2012

This is beautiful. It tells of love and desire that is so overwhelming to you, that you think only of how to keep her with you, always. This tells of need for another, for them to hold you, and claim you as theirs, as you wish to claim them yours. This is... stunning. Thank you very much for inviting me to read this. G

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Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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