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I Said hi when I meant goodbye
It's not a lie, not do I lie, just a rare truth
Is not even that I like it when you cry
Just an uncontrolled smile

I am all that is taken for granted
the essence of beauty and destruction
the fall of autumn leaves
lay dormant in winter and bloom in spring

The soil which we plant our seeds
beautifully dangerous, remarkable creatures
strangely complicated, a delicate rare breed
shelters, nurturers, the definition of strength and warmth

If I fall, will you catch me?
If I were to drown, will you
dive in after me?
Cpr, will you give me the kiss of life?

If she passed, would mine break?
Would there be any display
or curtain's not even close
of being drawn?

A dance of the broken
the depletion of a spiritual spark
a flame of a phoenix once constant
now never to rise

Smile happy
smile with a grin
smile in joy
smile in darkness and pain

'You're a waste of space
A thief, a waste of time
You're just like your mother
A son of mine wouldn't act like this

Escape, to finally escape
To evade or find the strength to make a change
A destiny, this faith, my fate
Stray from a dark cloud

In all honesty, you are beautiful
Despite the backlash
Between the mind and that beating drum
Slipped, tripped, fell in

Bread winners, protectors
a little description what a man is
providers for all, soldiers for the defenceless

Fall short we have

My mind's a mess,
Scrambled by the thought of you
A feeling towards that I can't define
The heart of mine, you

If you cry, I'll cry
crocodile tears, my fears
if you lie, I'll believe
try so I may see

This I was told
the name which I hold
is an identity of my own
to stand tall when called upon

I refuse to die not a man
I refuse to be only common
A sheep following
A child of God I am

I want to know you
Who you are, inside where you reside
Is it with me or is there another who's caught your eye

Would it occur a time which I would acquire?

Hold your breath,
now tell me
can you still breathe?
Close your eyes

I lost it and it cost me
I let it take hold
this is where it got me
walking blind fold

We all yearn for it
but never in the right place
when it's in front of us
we dream about it but nightmares do occur

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'Fear ignites negativity, negativity feeds anger, anger turns to hate.. how fast a negative mind can manifest. To save a life, promote kindness, inject love into the vein, implant a positive thought in a Negative mind to spark beauty within a smile.' -Kelvin K Owusu https: // v=st9IMK9TPJs&list=UU6J1hhCNTSva7BjqVsyTNIw)

The Best Poem Of Kelvin Owusu

Suicidal Lies

I Said hi when I meant goodbye
It's not a lie, not do I lie, just a rare truth
Is not even that I like it when you cry
Just an uncontrolled smile

You hurt, I create
You suspect, I evade
You react, I sustain
You walk, I reclaim

Left you hanging,
A noose round the neck
A river flow, blood red
Joys torment,
A gentle push
Cliff dive

Kelvin Owusu Comments

Will Cunningham 10 August 2012

This poem was really good i enjoyed reading it and i hope i'll be able to read more!

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Brian Markey 05 November 2012

Hi Kelvin, A very deep emotional rollercoaster of a poem heading everly downwards, trust in yourself first and foremost and you will never be deceived by another lie in your life, onwards and upwards is where you are now heading, keep the words flowing. Good Luck and God speed, Bri Mar

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Gwenevere Cornwell 24 September 2012

Kelvi Owusu is one of my favourite poets in the world. He is articulate, and full of life. He is honest, and he doesn't know his worth. Kelvin is an amzing poet, whose passion shines through his words. He lives through words and allows his soul to be bare to his readers. It seems tht the window into his soul is not his eyes, but his mind, and his writing. I truly love him. G

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 13 September 2012

Poems those Dear Kelvin write are full of emotional and truth. the unique paradoxes and the great comparing between the subjects is so great and nice. you have a nice creative mind dear Kelvin. You use your mind in the nice way. Best wishes.

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Gwenevere Cornwell 31 August 2012

I love how unique your poetry is, and the different take in several perspectives. I enjoy that your poetry tells a definite story, and virtually give an inner portal to your thoughts and viewpoints, as well as into different things that people don't think about.

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Trina French 30 August 2012

Great poems! They have a unique edge of flair to them.

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