The Fearless Heart Poem by Frederick Amazing

The Fearless Heart

In the midst of all life's chaos and strife,
There beats a heart that's fearless, full of life.

Unafraid to take on any challenge or task,
It's driven by a passion that's hard to mask.

It's not afraid to take risks and leap,
For it knows that fortune favors the bold and the deep.

With each beat it grows stronger and bolder,
Courageous and determined, never to fold over.

The fearless heart is a beacon of hope,
A source of strength when we find it hard to cope.

It's the voice that whispers, 'You can do this, my dear, '
The one that always brings us back into gear.

For when we're lost, it's the fearless heart that guides us,
And reminds us that we have the strength to fight as the Spartans.

So let us cherish this remarkable thing,
The fearless heart that gives us wings.

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