The Good Machine Poem by Frederick Amazing

The Good Machine

The good machine, how wondrous and bright
A marvel of engineering, a true delight
It works tirelessly day and night
Giving us power and light

It churns and hums, a symphony of sound
A creation that truly astounds
With gears and levers, it moves around
A mechanism that never lets us down

It speeds up time, it slows it down
Helping us to get around town
In cars and planes, it takes us high
The good machine, it makes us fly

It generates energy, it powers our lives
Our homes and offices, it tirelessly drives
The good machine, it never stops
Providing us with all we need to thrive

Oh good machine, you are a wonder to behold
In your presence, we feel bold
Your workings are a mystery untold
A creation that will never grow old.


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