Hlukanisani welcome mngomezulu

The First Day We Met - Poem by Hlukanisani welcome mngomezulu

Who knew we were to meet?
Who knew the braveness and kindness?
Of almighty lord?
Who knew the fortune I was to experience.
Unknowingly there you were.
There I was proud between joy, but
I never knew what was kept between us.

I eyed your eyes with pride.
I blushed your hands and cheeks with glitter.
You smiled, I smiled back surprised.
Nor tears, nor sorrow but happiness took control.

Cliffs and valleys clapped their unseen hands.
They ululated and sang a song of love.
Birds and creatures formed a nation and blessed us with their lyrics.
The clouds danced and entertained the blue skies and oceans.
Rivers and shores never missed it out.
They splashed us with pure and sweet water of love.

There were no questions but answers only.
Nor interruption near the paradise occupy.
The beauty of sun strike circulated us.
Thoughts of grimy and depression dispersed.
From introduction to conclusion Love existed.

So speechless I was, when you eyed me with your
Diamond eyes.
So rude I was when I kissed you without notification.
Our hearts were to grip it from commencement.
We kissed and blushed until the darkness took control.

OH! This is so true of you.as I saw it within you.
I was circulated by blood drops of love, but couldn't smell or touch.
This was so true of you I believed.
So far, deep within me it existed from long before.
I felt it but to whom was I to provide.
No else knew it beside I.
With such pleasure and fortune today you are my tine.

Hours turned to minutes and minutes turned to
Seconds, and that was the end of journey.
The black spirits forced us to separate.
It excluded our love from us and flew with you
Behind the black clouds.

Ever since I heard your sweet voice lyrics
Dropping down from the blue sky as rain drops.
I looked above trying to sense your smile
And visage.
The only smile I ever appreciated and loved with
All my heart.
My prayers shall be heard, and you shall be awaken from the death
And come back to structure my life.
I predict we will share the moments of love during the
Days of happiness and that will be called Once upon the time.
The days of fairytale

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 18, 2012

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